Monday, August 16, 2010

New earrings

I entered a giveaway on Good Mom, Bad Housewife (check out her blog! She has some cute kids!) for a pair of earrings from the Etsy shop Elsy Bleu and I am so excited because I WON and my new earrings came today! :) One thing that I really like about this store is that the earrings are sterling silver. I have a jewelry allergy and anything that is made with cheaper metals makes my ears itch other not-so-fun stuff. Sterling silver earrings don't turn my ears weird colors or make them itch, etc. I was bummed because a few weeks ago my favorite pair of earrings broke. I got so many compliments on those earrings and when they broke I almost wanted to cry (almost, but crying over broken earrings would be silly, right... right?).
Ok so here is a picture of my old, favorite earrings:Well, when I entered this contest, I had a pair in mind to make up for my favorite ones and boy did they make up!First, check out the packaging it came in!
And here they are!
And here they are on my ear...
and here they are on me!
(Please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink behind me!)

Yes, I think these earrings will do well making up for my broken favorite ones. Let's hope I have a reason to show them off soon... like a first day of school!

I recommend this etsy store! Very awesome! And they are having a sale right now so check them out!


Katie said...

The earrings look great on you! So glad you won and are enjoying the earrings!

melcal1977 said...

Thanks for the shout out!! So glad you like the earrings, they look great! Enjoy! Melissa