Monday, March 23, 2009


I read a blog regularly and the baby of the author really needs prayer. He has a heart condition that he almost died from before birth, and they thought he was cured from after birth and he is now experiencing a life threatening condition. Please pray. His name is Stellan. If you would like to read more, click on this picture:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday!

Welcome to Flashback Friday! I created this to post fun pictures from my past and so I could see fun pictures from your past!
To play: post an old picture of you on your blog and explain the picture. If you are playing, please leave a comment letting me know so I, and others who visit my blog, can go check it out! Maybe at some point I will activate a Mr.Linky signup on my account and maybe make a tag, but for now, it is simple. :) Once in a while I might even have a theme!

In light of the recent renovations we've been doing on our kitchen, I've decided to post this picture. :) I was "helping" my dad renovate our family room at the house that I grew up in.

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring= Happy FREE RITA'S DAY!!! I met my mom at Rita's and we both had our free Rita's. I had pina colada and banana flavors. YUMMM! I hope YOU didn't forget!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here we go!

It is not me who missed Not Me Monday last week!

It was not me that ate a big piece of cake after dinner today.

It was certainly not me who skipped the gym on Sunday! Nope! I have stayed right on my strict workout regime! (oops!) I'll be there tomorrow.

It was not me who is watching John and Kate Plus 8 right now. I would never watch a show that angers me as much as that one! NEVER! Psshhh... you can't see my TV. You have no proof!

It was not me who put off doing yesterday's dishes to today.

It certainly wasn't me who used packaging tape as lamination when she realized that two important pieces for a center I created weren't laminated.

BUT!!! It *WAS* me who got a TON of stuff done on Saturday and feels really accomplished from that.

And it *WAS* me who ordered my new countertops for my kitchen!

Ok that is all for today. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

I decided to create a weekly post called Flashback Friday! :) Here is my picture for the week:

That is where my blogging career was started! :)

Also, today is exactly 1 year to the day that we made an offer on our house! I can't believe how fast it as gone! I feel like we just moved in!

And here is a quick shout out to my mom! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I wish

I wish one of these would follow me around wherever I go!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

I got this from another blog:
The rule of the week: February 2009 or 1st folder
FIRST picture of something other than your kids!

Since I don't have any kids I'm going to do puppies. So for me it is first picture of something other than my puppies.
This is from December of 2007. We had just gotten our dining room table. We were living in our apartment and we forced it to fit, haha. It needed to be almost fully assembled. Jeff and I did the table and I did the chairs on my own. They were a PAIN! It looks fantastic in our new house though!

New Look!

New look for the blog in honor of spring! :)

New table and chairs for the kitchen!

We bought this table today:

And one of these benches:

And two of these chairs:
We took them home and set them up right away! They look great! I am a little bummed because there is a few nicks from the car in the wood (and the wood was in a box with a protective covering too!) but I'm OK because they will eventually get pretty nicked up considering we will hopefully have a family sit around the table one day (soon maybe??? no this isn't a hint).

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok, I am going to start off with a warning... please don't judge my kitchen yet! It is still a major work in progress! Ignore the dirty dishes in the sink, ignore the hideous floors, mess on the counters, etc. If you have a problem with any of it you are more than welcome to come take care of it yourself. :)

Now for the fun part! The pictures! The next two pictures are from the listing. They are decorated with the previous owners stuff. Now, let me tell you... they have no taste. EVERYTHING was the same color. The paint on the wall was a dark color with a lighter color sponge painted over it. The trim was the same color, the counters were the same color, and the floors were (still are) very dark. This kitchen doesn't get a lot of natural light so with the dark cabinets (which I do love) and then the dark paint, floors, counters, this kitchen was very, very depressing (as was the rest of the house which we have also painted!). There are also original built in cabinets that were painted the same color as the walls. A few weeks ago we painted them to match the cherry wood cabinets a little better. It looks much better (although the picture I have later doesn't really show that).

The nook was where we kept our dogs' crate. Being that they are Houdini dogs (I will post about that later) they were able to get their heads out and chew on the benches. Its ok... they were ugly from the start. So what did we do???...

One of the benches had something written on the back: "Porkinger Breakfast Nook". I am going to look it up.Here is the nook with the benches torn out!

Here is the nook painted and waiting for wanescoating!Here is Jeffery cutting the wanescoating!

And here is the wanescoating in and finished!!! :) I love it!!! It was so hard to put in though and I will never ever put wanescoating up in this house again. I wouldn't mind doing it in a house with walls that are drywall, but not in a house that has plaster walls, especially plaster walls that aren't straight. But it is done and I love how it turned out!

The wall color for the whole kitchen is Translucent Cream by Valspar, and the white trim is White Dove by Valspar. (It is a lot brighter in person! I took these pictures at night and our kitchen doesn't get great lighting).

Below is a picture of the built in cabinets I told you about painted to match (as best as possible) the real wood cabinets. It is close enough. Please ignore the radiators. They will have covers (the one already does, but the cover was still drying).

The floors and countertops are next. The floors will be a light tan and so will the counters. We are hopefully ordering them this weekend. And we will be buying a table and chairs for in the nook.

So that is why I've been nonexistent. I've been working! :)


Any ideas as to what I've been up to this week??? :)

I'll post some pictures in a little. But I just wanted to get your minds running, wondering what I've been doing and why I've been almost non-existent on here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Birds woke me up this morning. It was a beautiful sound. It means that spring is very near!