Thursday, March 13, 2008

We bought a house!

We made the offer last night, and they countered this evening, and we countered back and they accepted it. We are paying above asking price, but they are paying all of the closing costs. Here are pictures (with seller's stuff):
This is looking into the living room (and gorgeous front door!):
This is the fireplace in the living room:
This is the dining room... you can't tell from this picture, but the stairs are on the left, and they have a beautiful railing. The corner cabinet is built in, and there is another in the other coner. They are really nice!
Here is half of the kitchen. There are cabinets on the opposite wall too, and built in cabinets with a built in nook ok the wall to the left. We will be repainting this room and laying down new floor, and we will hopefully do some remodelling in the future. There is a half bathroom through that door, which leads into a small foyer (in the back of the house though) with the half bathroom in there. It will be repainted, and eventually expanded into a laundry room/ bathroom and the eating nook will be taken out.
Here is part of the master bedroom. there aren't many pictures online. It will be repainted. It is a nice size room though, and those windows are beautiful! There are two other bedrooms in the house as well, and a finished attic, which we might make into a den or guest bedroom. And we want to finish the basement as well. One of the bedrooms also has a balcony off of them. This room will be our office.
Here is the yard and garage. It already has a fence so we can get dogs right away! I would like to put in a brick walkway eventually, and some landscaping, and we talked about a deck.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News all around

Well, good news and bad. Bad news first, then good news.

When it rains, it pours. I have pneumonia. Luckily they caught it early enough that I can be at home and take antibiotics. I am feeling a lot better than I was last night and this morning. My fever broke, and I can breath a little better, but I still feel sick.

Now the good news. We put in an offer on a house!!! I really hope we get it, but if it is meant to be it will be. Our agent even came to us to do the offer when she heard how sick I was. Fingers crossed and prayers said!

Monday, March 10, 2008

House Hunting!

We started house hunting this past weekend! We saw a house we really like and are going to go back and see it tomorrow, along with another house. We really are considering putting in an offer. We will see! I am very excited!

It was an interesting day though. We went to the first house, which was the one we liked, and then went to another and it was "eh". We then went to another and we decided not to even see it. The area was just awful around it. It could have been a gold mine inside, but the outside left much to be desired. We went to another and the woman wouldn't even let us in!!! It was obvious she didn't want to sell her house. So then we went to another and we couldn't find parking and we said no way were we going to live like that. So we went to another which I was really looking forward to seeing. It had a beautiful bathroom, and a beautiful floor in one room, but the rest of the house was just not very good. The steps were terrible, which would be awful when we have kids. We went to a townhouse, and although it was ok, there was going to be pretty much no resale value in it, so we said no to it. I am really looking forward to visiting the one we liked again, and seeing the other one we decided to see. Here's to hoping!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Knock on Wood!

Well, I'm back to work! I had my stent taken out last Thursday, on Jeffery's birthday. It was not a fun experience. The stent was internal, so they had to go inside to get it, and I was awake for all of it. It only took about 2 minutes, but it was so uncomfortable. I did not enjoy it one bit! I was feeling better once it was out, and agreed to go out to eat with my parents for Jeff's birthday, but by the time we were done with dinner I was in pain, and from the restaurant to home I was in EXCRUCIATING pain. I took two percocet and passed out on the couch for a while and I was great. I still have some minor risidual pain, but I really am feeling a lot better, knock on wood! I am just very ready to be back to normal. The doctor said that he would like to put me on a medication to prevent future stones from forming.

On to good news... we start house hunting on Saturday!!! We are SO EXCITED! We found a great realtor who specializes in the area and we are excited to be working with her. She is a no bullshit kind of person, and we love that about her. So Sunday at 1:00pm, Jeff, me, and both of our mom's will be out looking at houses, (they are coming just to look at the houses, haha).

Jeff's computer bit the dust. He got a pretty expensive Dell a few years ago and it has been nothing but terrible pretty much from about a year after owning it on. The harddrive crashed the first time, and then it really hasn't been right every since, even after replacing the harddrive. So he's decided he wants a laptop, but since he really just wants it to play games and check his email and stuff, he is going to be taking my laptop, which is only a year old, and I ordered a new one. It should get here tomorrow! I can't wait! I need a reliable one for grad school, and I just don't feel this one is as reliable as it should be. I feel bad, because he deserves to get a new computer, but he assured me that it is ok that he gets mine and I get a new one. I love my husband. :)