Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodness Gracious

I sprained my ankle. :( I was wearing heels and stepped onto uneven grass and, while bearing all of my weight, my ankle turned both in and out. It is not fun. The pain isn't too bad anymore, but I have almost no muscle control, so it is a lot of fun. Ugh... and I'm supposed to start teaching next week!

On another note... check out this mirror giveaway! Her blog looks pretty cool too so check it out!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Well... here we go!

Last week was QUITE eventful! I have been applying for jobs left and right. Most of them long term sub positions because there really isn't much else available out there. There was a call for resumes for next year, and then there was a permanent job, but I didn't hear from that one (and it was at the top of my list to do anyway).

One of the jobs I applied for was in my mom's school district (and just happened to be the first job I put my resume in for). It is a 1st grade long term sub position, start in February and ending in May, or later depending on how the teacher feels about coming back. WELL... I got a call on Monday from a principal in the school district my mom teaches in asking if I had my certification in hand, and since I didn't, he couldn't interview me, but he said if I did get it that week, to call him and he'll set up an interview.

Tuesday I was subbing, but I decided to call the dept of education and find out the status of my certification. Well as of Tuesday it hadn't even been processed yet. I spoke with someone who said they would let my evaluator know, but that she couldn't promise anything. I called the school back and left a message. When I left subbing that day I had a message on my cell phone saying that because they had other candidates that had the certification on hand, they couldn't interview me, but that they had a 2nd grade long term sub position coming open soon and I could apply for that one. I was bummed...... until I got home and there was a message on my answering machine from my evaluator saying that she went ahead and processed my certification and I was approved and therefore certified to teach in the state of PA! So I emailed the principal that evening and let him know about the message, but that I understood if he couldn't interview me for this job because I couldn't guarantee I'd have my cert in hand by the end of the week. Well I got an email back congratulating me and asking me to call the secretary to set up an interview for that week!!!

I had friends, and my husband quizzing me with interview questions all week and helping me pick out what I would wear. Meanwhile, I scrambled to get my portfolio together for the interview. I was also VERY nervous, but didn't really have my hopes up.

I went to the interview, felt I babbled a lot but that they liked my answers and then went home. I got home, changed, went potty, let the dogs out, and heated up my lunch and my phone rang. I GOT THE JOB! 30 minutes after my interview and they offered me the job! I am so excited! I just hope something permanent opens up because I'd really like to feel comfortable about having a job for next year and it would be great if it were with this district!

Wish me luck! I am nervous about teaching and taking two grad classes at once! Yikes!