Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I hope I don't lose motivation, and other fun stuff

I was very sick last week, so I decided to take some time off for my health from running. I am antsy to get started again, but I am giving myself until Monday yet. I am going crazy. I want to run, but I'm also afraid that I will lose my motivation and forget that feeling after a run. I need to make sure that next week I start running again on Monday and keep it up!

In other news, I painted my bathroom! Pictures to come! It looks awesome! I am just nervous about one area that I didn't prime and whether or not the paint will stick or if I will have to go back and prime it (along the floor) and then repaint it. We will see. I am hoping I won't have to. It isn't finished yet. We still need a new blind for the window (I'm thinking bamboo), a new sink (have it picked out! Just waiting for the $$$), and new globes for in the wall sconces. But the paint, which was the main part, is D-O-N-E! I can't wait to unveil the bathroom to family who is coming tomorrow for a celebration...

what are we celebrating? I finish my master's! I am very proud, but it is bittersweet. I wish I could be excited, but without a job, and the master's preventing me from getting a job, it is hard to celebrate and be excited even though it is an accomplishment. So for one day, I will celebrate. And then I will go back to being a Nervous Nellie (or Anxious Abbie?) as the school year approaches and I am classroom-less.

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