Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 8- A photo that makes you angry/sad

Ok, I'll do my best with this one, but I hate keeping photos like that around.

Ok so these are the pictures I found (don't worry... they both make me sad for the same reason). When we first adopted our puppies they were 8 weeks old. A week after we got them they got sick. It seemed like a cold but then they got this crazy cherry eye. They had fevers, were dehydrated, etc. They were put in these cones, but they ended up being too small so they were put in bigger cones because they would scratch the cherry eye open and we'd have to rush to the emergency vet. Eventually, they ended up having surgery to have these tear ducts (that was what had swollen up) removed and while they were under they decided to spay them too (this wasn't scheduled until a month or so later, but they figured they would kill two birds with one stone instead of having to put them under later). Because we had just adopted them from the SPCA, all of their medical bills were covered (YAY!), but it was so hard to see them like this. Plus, once they had their energy back, there wasn't a standing chair in the house because they would chase each other and knock all of the chairs down. AHHH!!! (I think if you click on the image, you can see it larger. On the second one especially you can see Maggie's cherry eye. It was GROSS! Neither of them could close their eye! It was so sad!).

Oh and for a bit of perspective... now, one fills up the whole landing that is above them! They couldn't lay on that step if they tried anymore!

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