Friday, July 18, 2008

It's been a LONG TIME

I haven't updated in a LONG TIME and a lot has happened!

The last time I wrote we had just moved into the house. I STILL don't have pictures of it, but hopefully within the next week (maybe by the end of the weekend) I will take pictures. We were waiting for all of our furniture to get here. I just finished unpacking the bedroom today. We had our last piece of furniture delivered last weekend. We painted almost all of the rooms we wanted to paint. The kitchen still needs to be painted, and the trim in the entire house needs to be done. The attic needs to be painted too, but it won't be done until fall at the earliest. It is about a million degrees up there right now.

But... the biggest news is that we adopted not one, but TWO PUPPIES! They are absolutely insane, haha. We love them though. They are now 12 weeks old... we adopted them at 9 weeks. They are sisters from the same litter and they were the last two. We didn't have the heart to seperate them. We adopted them from the SPCA as my birthday present. They are German Shorthair Pointer/ Rottweiler mixes, and they look like black labs, haha. Their names are Maggie and Kota. Just after we adopted them they got sick and both needed surgery for severe eye infections, so they were also spayed while they were under. The SPCA paid for all of it! Now they are recovered and just balls of energy (although today they weren't because it was so hot out that all they did was lay around inside). Here are a few pictures:

This picture was the first night they were at our house. They LOVE sleeping there and aside from their dog bed they sleep there when we are all in the living room. Kota is on the left and Maggie is on the right.

Kota is in blue, Maggie is in purple... and that toy has since been destroyed, haha!

This is Maggie.

This is Kota. :)
Those are our troublemakers! I'm sure you will see PLENTY of pictures of them and I will work on getting house pictures up soon!
I've also finished all of my classes for the summer. YAY!!! It is so nice not to have to worry about them anymore and worry about homework every night. I am working Extended School Year with the IU for an autistic support class, but that is Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8-12... so nothing to complain about (except the VERY early morning and long drive for me). The kids are darling and I have one of my former students so it is really a lot of fun with her!
Ok... I'm about to pass out I'm so tired. I'll post pictures soon!