Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prayers needed please

My posts haven't been too upbeat lately. I promise to post one that is upbeat soon.

I could really use some thoughts and prayers. Many of you know that I've suffered from kidney stones in the past. My body naturally produces them. I had 3 surgeries for them between Feb. 2006 and Feb. 2007. I am under the care of a specialist and on medicine to flush out my kidneys. I just scheduled my checkup appointment for December 22nd. I am so nervous that something will happen, that they will find another stone and then I will have to go through it all again and I don't know if I'm emotionally or physically ready to go through that again. I could really use thoughts and prayers for my nerves and that there will be no stone.


Jennifer said...

Prayers are being said sweetie!! Ice water with a lemon wedge is great for cleansing the kidneys. If you look up health benefits of lemons it will tell you all about it. It's all I drink.

Vintage Gal said...

Saying a prayer of strength for you. Please feel better soon, ok? HUGS