Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nothing has changed

Nothing has really changed, except I might feel a little worse than I did yesterday. I hurt when I move, but when I'm sitting still, like right now, I don't hurt. But walking around, shifting my weight, or putting any type of strain or pressure on my right side hurts. Jeff is off work tonight so if it gets worse then at least I have a ride to the ER, but we are really hoping that I just stay this way or get better between now and Monday. If nothing has changed by Monday I will get my CT scan done, (provided the pregnancy tests results came back negative... I still haven't heart, but I'm very doubtful that they would be positive), and then find out what is going on and if it is a stone, then I will probably be scheduling surgery. I'll keep you updated. Please keep me in your prayers. I don't really want to go into the emotions that I'm feeling right now so I'm pushing them away and just concentrating on how I physically feel. If I go into my emotions then I get very upset and angry and cry because this is just a lot to deal with. I've been very angry about this, and angry with God for making me go through this again. I really need prayers for my emotions and my physical state as well.

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