Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I promise to do a real post soon! I just needed to get myself back into the Christmas spirit, and I will hopefully do that today. BUT without further ado... here is Not Me Monday!

1. It was not me who ate a whole box of mini-pierogies yesterday over two different meals and it certainly wasn't me who enjoyed every bite of them.

2. It was not me who considered messing up my husband's haircut as I was cutting his hair because he was being a big grouch.

3. It was not me who ignored housework all last week and weekend.

4. It is not me who is going to be cleaning my house today. (I wish it wasn't going to be me!)

5. It is not me who wants to spend my credit card rewards on something I want, rather than something I need or a gift for someone.

6. It is not me who didn't shower at all yesterday. Nope, not me at all who, after grocery shopping, laid around and watched football all day (happily I might add... Yea Pats!).

7. It is not me who can't think of a thing for number 7.


Staci said...

Enjoyed reading your Not Me's. I am a teacher as well but I am taking some time off to stay at home with the kids. Good luck with getting certified and teaching. I taught first grade for 7 years before taking time off. I love that age and teaching them to read is the best :) I love your name by the 3 year old daughter is named Abby.

Rachel said...

That was too funny about your husband's haircut... I'd be tempted too!