Friday, April 30, 2010

Running Outside 101

Oh man. I did my first outdoor run today. Let me tell you... it was NOT easy! But I DID IT. I am guessing it was about 2 miles total up and down all of the roads of my neighborhood, but I could be wrong. I need to measure to find out, but that is what I am thinking it was. Well first of all, dog owners... pick up your dog poop! I stepped in dog poop today that was on the edge of the sidewalk! I run with my eyes up, so I don't always see what I'm stepping on, and I stepped on a big pile. I wasn't a happy camper. And a lesson, among many, learned: make sure you either bring a key with you or hide a key outside if you are running near your house. I, being the smart one that I am, decided that I would leave the back door unlocked so that I could get in because Jeff was sleeping. Well, out of habit, when I closed it I locked it, not even THINKING of what I was doing, and then went on my merry way, only to come home and find the door locked. Yipee! So I had to wait for Jeff to wake up and let me in, haha.

Running outside IS harder than on a treadmill, but I think that running on an incline when I do run on a treadmill really has helped me because it wasn't as hard as I was expecting it to be. I am glad I had the treadmill to start though, and I will continue to run on it. It really has helped me with a pace. I actually had a pace outside, which I never do! I supplemented my run today. It wasn't a C25K run, it was an adapted run for what I thought I could survive running in my neighborhood and it was tough, but I did it. :) And I loved running with something to look at other than a timeclock! It was wonderful!

So give outside running a try! You never know what you are capable of until you try!

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Anonymous said...

Here's a great site that you can use to track your outside run distances. You can just click along your route on the map, and it'll tell you how far the distance is.