Sunday, April 4, 2010

The gym

I went to the gym today. My second day (in almost a row... it wasn't open when I was able to go yesterday) after becoming determined. I felt so great walking out, knowing that even though I didn't want to go I still went.

I did everything I wanted to do, which means I didn't lose as much as I thought I lost from a few months ago. I was able to do all of my ab routine, I was able to do all of my treadmill time at the right speed, which means there will be nowhere to go but UP from there! And I even added an arm weight. I didn't go on it last time because every time I went to use it someone was sitting on the machine... just relaxing, not lifting, talking to the person on the machine next to them... ie preventing ME from lifting with that machine! But I did it!

Now, today being Easter, I can't say I ate the healthiest. Sigh. I am going to hide the Easter candy. I won't get ride of it. But I will put it somewhere where I actually have to work to get it, which means I need to be determined, which means that if I do get it I will actually NEED that piece of candy because I was determined enough to climb somewhere for it. (I just hope that my husband doesn't mind, because I bought it for him too!) And I will have apples readily available. :)

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J said...

Yayyy! Good job getting started! I'll be joining you soon so you'll have to keep it up for motivation's sake :)