Sunday, April 25, 2010

National Infertility Awareness Week

Yesterday kicked of National Infertility Awareness week.

Did you know that more people suffer from this horrible disability than is known. Right now approximately 10% of the population deal with some sort of trouble conceiving.

Infertility is defined as not conceiving after a year or more of trying, and needing to seek medical help in order to conceive.

Infertility is considered taboo. Not many people talk about it, which is why I am talking about it. Infertility is not covered by many insurances. Treatments can run up to $15K-$20K a CYCLE, depending on the treatment. Many insurances cover abortion, but not infertility treatments. Infertility is a disability, and along with it comes the emotional pain. It is nothing to be ashamed of, yet many people are ashamed, and many are afraid to take the step to seek help!

Please take a moment to think about the many people out there suffering, often silently, with infertility. This week, many of my posts will have to do with infertility, including what not to say to someone who is infertile, and how to support them. I hope you tune in!

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Melissa said...

I will be listening. I know a few people going through this, and it would be really tough... We only had to wait 8 months with just a few hurdles to cross and it felt like an eternity. I can't imagine the pain of waiting a year, two years, or even more...