Friday, October 10, 2008


Jeff came to bed this morning and he told me he had a surprise for me. What the surprise REALLY was was that he had vacuumed the carpet and swept and mopped the wood floors! BUT this is what the puppies SURPRISED me with this morning:

Yes, that would be newspaper in and surrounding their crate. SOMEHOW they reached their noses through the crate to the newspaper piled on the bench next to them and pulled it through and had a field day! I left it there for Jeffery to see because this picture does not do what I saw justice. I really wish I would have taken the picture with the puppies IN the crate because they just made it all the more funnier.

Here is a picture of the "soccer ball" and "football" aka the soccer squish and football squish that we bought them, which they ruined in a matter of 15 minutes per ball. We thought the football would last a little longer, but no.
Needless to say, life is NEVER dull at our house! But here is an adorable picture of the puppies sleeping on the couch with Jeff (or in one of the puppies cases, ON Jeff!):


Kylene said...

Holy COW! It looks like those puppies sure had a good time with the paper. Glad I'm not the one that had to clean it up. ;D

reinhold said...

OMG - That is insane! Not going to lie I would be a little mad cleaning that up. But then you look at the pictures of the puppies with Jeff and can't resist but saying how cute they are!