Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahhh Sunday

It is Sunday morning, well sort of. We are 6 minutes away from it being noon and I have a feeling by the time I post this blog it will be after noon. I am still sitting here in my comfy PJs with no desire to go change. Jeff's brother is coming by in a little to watch football so I am going to need to go change before he gets here. I am looking forward to a day of watching football and eating wings.

Nothing new is really happening. I got my first sub job for next Monday for a 3rd grade class. I am nervous because it is like starting a new job every time you sub and I hate that feeling. But I am also looking forward to it.

Since we moved there are things that I can not find ANYWHERE and one of those things is our cake cutting set from our wedding. I remember moving it. I remember it being here and showing it to someone after we moved the china in (we moved the china and dinnerware in during the week before we moved into the house so that it didn't break). I do not remember seeing it since and it is driving me absolutely nuts. I really want to display it in our curio cabinet. I hate not knowing where anything is! I am so glad that we are pretty much all settled otherwise.

I am watching Bridezillas right now and I have no idea how these girls can treat the people who are in their life and love them like they are treating them! It definitely goes to show that some people really take others for granted. I would never talk the way some of these girls talk to their fiances, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, extended family. It is just awful. I really appreciate my family.

OK... I'm going to go put off getting dressed some more, haha. And I was right... it is now 12:11pm. :)


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