Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My brother's girlfriend had their baby! She was born this morning at 6:00am on the nose. She is 6lbs 7oz, 19.5 inches long. Her name is Jaycie Lynn.

Yesterday they had a dr's appt to discuss induction, since she was due last Wednesday. They set up an induction appointment for Thursday at 4:00. Well, when she left the dr's office she started to feel contractions. She was 1.5 cm dialated at the appointment, but you can be dialated for a long time, and even have contractions for a while. Well, this was real. Chris got home from running an errand to her in tears. They went to the hospital and she was admitted at 3 cm dialated and 90% effaced. They called me down because they wanted me in the room. I came wearing my Patriot's jersey, ready to catch if I had to! Well, she wasn't progressing too much but was in pain so she asked for an epidural. They kicked me out of the room while they were giving it to her so I went and sat in the waiting room for an hour. Well, I left to go get Chris some hot chocolate at Turkey Hill and he called and said she was going to take a nap and he was probably going to too. So I decided to instead go home and sleep, seeing that I had been up since 5am and subbed for a difficult class that day. I was exhuasted. At 1:00, just after I fell asleep, Chris called to say they broke her water but that they weren't expecting her to deliver until somewhere between 8am and noon. I told Chris to call me when she was 8cm dialated. At 5:55am my phone rang and all I hear was "Its happening." I guess that means what I think it meant! We didn't think I would make it in time... and sure enough, 5 minutes later I get a phone call: "It happened". HAHA! Apparently they woke her up at 5:30am to check her and the baby's head was there ready to come out! 3 pushes and she was out!

Anyway... here's what you've been waiting for... the pictures!

(She looks like she is praying in the above picture).

Proud Mommy and Daddy!
Your's Truly! The proud Aunt Abbie! (Not a very good picture of me, but a good one of the baby!)

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Vintage Gal said...

ooooo! she's a cutie. Congrats, Auntie!