Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Well... I was too late to sign up on the site this week, but I am still going to do it this week. We'll consider it practice. ;)

I did not stay in pjs until after 1:00pm today.

I did not sit around all day basically doing nothing, even though I have plenty I could be doing.

I did not make brownies just so I could eat some of the batter, but play it off that I was really making them for Jeff.

I did not get lost on the way to my aunt's house TWICE because I can't follow the directions that I've written down.

I did not eat an ice cream cone that I didn't need, especially with 38 degree whether outside.

I did not not ignore an errand that I needed to run, passing it off saying I could always do it Wednesday.

I did not watch a mindless TV show tonight just because it makes me feel amazing about my life.

Ok... that was my first installment, but it was a practice. Next week, if I remember, I'll do another installment and this time make it official.

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