Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On following my Motherly Instincts!

This week has kind of been a whirlwind. Anna was supposed to start daycare on Monday, however she had a lot of problems with her reflux on Sunday, so I decided to keep her home with me because I didn't want more problems and her to not be with me. I took her to the daycare for a visit on Monday and wow... my Mama's instinct flared and red flags went up left and right! I just was not happy. I didn't like what I saw in the infant room. I think when we visited when we were pregnant we really didn't know what to look for and what we wanted for our baby, and now that she is here, I know exactly what I want for her and that wasn't it! I saw babies swinging in swings, pretty much being pacified. The caregivers weren't holding a single baby. When I asked when they would be playing with toys, in the excersaucers or on floorgyms, they said when the older babies go to the one year old room for a bit. I just didn't want my Anna to be pacified all day, with only a small amount of time to be played with. There were some other problems I had... like when I called and asked about a curriculum for working with their fine motor or gross motor skills, etc, they said that there was none... that they pretty much just do what the babies want and they have music playing (um, the radio).

So I left there crying my eyes out, not sure what to do. She was supposed to go there Tuesday and I didn't want to her go at all. Jeff was at work. I was supposed to be going back to work in a week and I was NOT a happy camper because I did not feel comfortable about where she was going. I didn't want her to lose a year of her life just being pacified in a swing, when she could be learning. I wanted her to have attention and be cared for, and be surrounded by babies her age.

We had met with another place when we were pregnant, but didn't choose them because they were more expensive and we had to provide diapers. But when I remembered this place, I remembered how much I really liked it... they had artwork done by the babies on the walls and pictures of the babies. They had babies grouped by age in rooms. I called them to see if they had an opening and they had ONE opening left for her agegroup! So Jeff and I talked about it and we switched her to them! I went for a visit with her again yesterday, and they had Raffi playing, not the radio! The caregiver in her room was holding a baby the whole time (different babies, but giving them all attention!). There were babies playing on the floor gyms. And they are willing to cloth diaper for us.

I am NOT looking forward to leaving her all day to work, but I am so happy it will be at a place that she will be cared for, paid attention to, and that she will learn and grow physically and cognitively. I truly believe God was holding that spot for her!

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