Monday, September 16, 2013

2 months old! (a little late)

My Anna Banana is 2 months old (and a week). We left for vacation on her 2 month day, so I didn't have a chance to post. She has grown and changed so much! Just when I think I couldn't adore her more, I do! :)

Here are her stats for birth, 1 month, and 2 months:

Birth Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz               1 Month: 8lbs 10oz            2 Months: 10lbs 12oz
Birth Length: 20 1/2 in                 1 Month: 21 3/4 in             2 Months: 23 in

She now talks and smiles and coos constantly when she is happy! She also is starting to laugh. We got the most adorable laugh from her on vacation!

We did figure out that she has reflux and is starting a medication to help her. Feeding her has become so difficult because of her reflux and she can get pretty fussy because of it, but aside from that she is such a happy and social baby!

She has now been in 8 states, including where she lives. We went on a vacation to New Hampshire and Vermont last week. We had such a nice time staying in a cabin and hiking, touring, etc together. She is such a good traveler and we had to get New England in her blood early! We made sure to come home stocked up on Patriots gear for her!

Here are a few pictures of my angel from vacation:


And one from today:

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Jessica said...

She is ADORABLE! And such a world traveler :D