Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moving Anna to her room and mention of a giveaway

We moved Anna into her own room two weeks ago yesterday. That was a ROUGH night for Mommy, but not so rough for Anna! Thank goodness for friends that stay up and chat with me until I am sleepy so that I am not up crying all night worrying that something will happen to my baby girl. I loved having her next to me and probably would have kept her there for a while, had she not grown out of the cradle she slept in. I would wake up to hear her grunting because she got stuck in her cradle like this:

And so I knew it was time to move her. I had to light a fire under my hubby's butt to convince him to hang the baby monitor for me so that I could at least see and hear her in her room. I am not thrilled with her baby monitor, but it at least has video and sound.

The Bragging Mommy is giving away a babymonitor that I would LOVE to have! So I am blogging and posting a link for you to see this monitor as well!

And so here is a picture of Anna in her room for her first night... after Mommy cried and prayed that she would be OK and many Mommy kisses. And we survived. And she actually sleeps better in her room than she did next to me. We've even had mornings where she's slept until 8:15!!! And that does make this mommy very happy!

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