Thursday, September 5, 2013


A year ago I was about to run my third half marathon and then my fourth half marathon in October. Two weeks after my fourth half marathon I found out I was pregnant... about 8 weeks pregnant, and due in July. I was in tip top shape at the time... I had just lost 62 lbs and was on my way to losing the last 15 I wanted to lose, I could easily run a half marathon, and had aspirations for a marathon in April. Boy did pregnancy put a halt to that! But I credit my amazing pregnancy to getting myself healthy.

Now, I say that because of this next part... when I started running again this week I was humbled, very fast. I hadn't struggled with running that much since I started, 62lbs+ heavier, and struggling to run a block. Thankfully this time I can run a bit over a mile. Boy is it humbling... especially after childbirth, where, instead of tight, strong legs, abs, and other parts, there are now droopy, floppy parts, skin, etc because there is no longer a baby keeping my skin tight, and you don't realize how much skin stretches to support that baby until that baby is no longer in there!

But I am doing it again and I will get where I was again sometime! The important thing is that I continue to do it to set an example for Anna Banana, because I want her to grow up with healthy parents who value exercise so that she can learn from us and learn to value exercise as well!

Everyone needs a little slap of humility once in a while to appreciate where they came from and where they are headed.

This little girl is worth every droop:

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