Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Look

Do ya like it? I really wanted to go to a 3 column blog style instead of just two.

I still want a new header. I'll get there at some point. For now, it is after midnight and I need to go to bed.

*Edit* Now there is a new header which I designed today! :)


J said...

Love it! All you need now is to post my blog in your list!

Rachel said...

Love it!! :)

Immortal Beloved said...

Great! I know, I love the 3 column format better too!

Annie said...

Looks great!
I like my page much better as well with the 3 columns :)

The Scott Household said...

Love the new look - I thought I downloaded a 3 column page from TCBOTB, but maybe I didn't do it right? Is there anything more you have to do other than copy the code and put it in your dashboard?