Friday, August 28, 2009


I absolutely love to golf. It is my distraction from my problems. My husband and I go together and we love it. We went a few weeks ago and I shot a crappy game so I was nervous when we went again this week and ended up having one of the best games I have ever had. While we were out on the course he opened a bag of balls to get me a new ball out (one of my not-so-good shots right into a water-hazard) and found an envelope in the bag. I had gotten the balls from my parents for Christmas a few years ago, along with golf lessons. Well I had forgotten I also got this envelope. It was a gift certificate for a golf course I love to go to! 3 years later and a phone call later I find I am still able to use it! So we went out again the next afternoon. It was wonderful! It is so peaceful out on the course. And what you think about is how the course will play. You forget everyday life. You forget problems. You forget issues you are dealing with. You just think about your game, how you can improve, what would be the best way to take your next shot without going out of bounds. It is wonderful. By far my favorite distraction. I wish we had more money and time to golf more frequently.

I also love to scrapbook, kayak, and travel, but they don't distract as well as golf does. Kayaking and traveling actually make me think more, rather than less. Scrapbooking I can only do for a bit at a time (I have a short attention span). I love to do these things though.

I start school next week. I will be with 4th grade for the fall. If you don't know or need a refresher, I am finishing my post-bacc certification in Elementary Ed. I already have my undergrad degree, but in something other than El. Ed. It is a long story that I may share at some point. I am also working on my Master's in El. Ed., but I will be done with my cert in the fall and able to teach as of December. I will use this semester as a distraction as well, and I hope it will be a great one! I love to teach and spend time with kids. I can not wait to actually get PAID to do it, haha.

So, what are your distractions?

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J said...

It definitely takes a special person to have the gift to teach. My sister is a teacher and I have the utmost respect for her. Glad you had fun playing golf. You're right, that sounds like a good distraction.