Monday, April 15, 2013


I couldn't wait for today. I couldn't wait to hear the winning runner's time in the Boston Marathon. I couldn't wait to hear how a guy I went to high school with did in the run, which he was running to raise money for suicide prevention in memory of his best friend. I couldn't wait to hear stories of camaraderie and encouragement on the course, and see pictures of the funny and motivating signs that spectators made for the runners. And now I am saddened and sickened instead.

As a distance runner myself, I have never been involved in a sport so motivating, so encouraging, and so supportive as running. Yes, you are running against others while finishing, but unless you are a contender to win (which I certainly am not) you are running to accomplish a personal goal and everyone around you is your cheerleader, as you are their cheerleader as well. The volunteers there are your cheerleaders. Even the people who come to cheer on other people cheer for you as well.

I don't understand why someone would want to attack anyone, ever. But I really don't understand why anyone would want to attack this event. I am heartbroken for the people who set goals and had their goals taken away from them, either because they were killed, they were injured, or they were unable to finish because of someone so heartless. I am saddened for the people who were volunteering their time to cheer others on. I am disgusted for Boston, one of my favorite places to visit, marathon or no marathon.

I am so sad and so sick. Sometimes it scares me that I am bringing a baby in this world. I am praying for Boston and for everyone affected by the event. I am happy that the person I knew running it was able to finish safe and sound, and I wish that everyone else would have that same story, but I know that isn't the case on this sad day.

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