Sunday, April 21, 2013

29 (and 1/2) weeks

We took this picture a bit late. I forgot Wednesday, when we normally take it, and took a shower before I remembered, and then Thursday we had our baby care class and rushed out the door. Friday Jeff was brewing and bottling beer, so Saturday it was.

First of all... I passed my 3 hour glucose test! YAY! It was NOT a fun experience and I looked like a drug addict for days because I had bruised arms where they took the blood. But I am thrilled that I passed. They called to tell me and I was on cloud 9. I found out during school and I almost ran in to my coworker's classrooms just to tell them, haha.

I had my 29 week dr's appointment on Friday and it went pretty well. I wasn't a fan of the doctor I had this time. It was my first time with her and she walked in talking. No introduction... just walked in talking about my bloodwork, etc and didn't stop until the end of the appointment. I felt very rushed and it felt a bit impersonal. She did tell me that I am mildly anemic, which I was expecting since I don't eat a lot of red meat right now (although normally red meat isn't a problem... this pregnancy it really has been!). I am still measuring ahead, though not as much as last week (although she didn't seem to measure me the same way the other doctor did, and I was very on edge when she did measure me because she was talking away and it was overwhelming), so we are right now going to keep an eye on it and see if I keep measuring ahead before going for an ultrasound. (Darn! I don't want a HUGE baby, but I do want another ultrasound!).

Baby care class was interesting. We were one of two couples out of probably 20-25 couples that did NOT find out the sex of the baby. And we were the only ones to not tell the name! I know it is a class full of strangers, but I feel like if I am not telling my family or friends the name, why would I tell a group of strangers the name before baby comes?? Jeff was adorable to watch. He has never diapered a baby, so it was fun to watch him learn how to do that and swaddle and burp. Since the class he has been quoting things he learned from it, so I guess he paid attention! He will be such a good daddy! This coming up Thursday is the first of our childbirth classes. Yikes! He is in for a surprise! He hasn't wanted me to prepare him for anything that will happen before/during/after childbirth. I guess he will find out, won't he! :)

Ok... tons of info from this past week, so now I am going to just go ahead and do the questions! Kudos if you made it this far. I am doing this so I remember and can go back and make my albums, but I love that some people have been reading it too. :)

How far along: 29 weeks (and then some)
Total weight gain: I don't know the total but from my last appointment to Friday's appointment it was 4 lbs and they were happy with that.
Maternity clothes: Always... and the looser the better when I am at home. 
Sleep: Lately pretty good minus there is no such thing as a comfortable position.
Best moment of this week: Passing my glucose test and hearing baby's strong heartbeat (in the 150s)
Miss anything: Not having heartburn
Movement: I think Charlie is running out of room... he/she is moving around a lot, but it is squirms that I feel and not as many kicks. The movement I feel is wonderful!
Food cravings: Fruit, fruit juice, root beer (but not drinking it if I can help it!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really... just still don't eat a lot of meat
Gender: Didn't find out! It will be a surprise!
Labor signs: Too early, but having braxton hicks contractions here and there. Nothing major. 
Belly button in or out: Still in for now!
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy! 
Looking forward to: Childbirth class starting on Thursday! :) And getting back to work on this nursery!


DianeTaylor said...

Hi Abbie I dont know if you remember me but....I used to be on the nest d&r....i recently resurrected my google feed and saw all your emails about your pregnancy. I remember all you went thru, this is such wonderful news! I havent commented until now, I recently lost my son in a fire and it took me awhile to feel up to commenting. I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you, and your husband. What an exciting time for you!!
I will follow you as long as you post, you look GREAT.

Take care and god bless you....

Diane taylor

Abbie said...

I remember you! Thank you for commenting! I am so sorry to hear about your son! You are in my prayers.