Monday, June 8, 2009

This isn't the serious post

But it is fun! This weekend I worked really hard on relandscaping the front yard. It was A LOT of work. Saturday I dug up all of the grass and shaped the gardens. Sunday I ripped out the weeds in the front two gardens, which are now connected to the new gardens going down the walk, and then planted plants and mulched. It was A LOT of work, involving some painful sunburn, but I think it looks great.

Don't mind the empty space in the front of the gardens. They will be filled. I want to put cranberry mums in there, but I don't want to buy them now. I'm afraid if I do I will be buying ones that I think are cranberry and they turn out to be pink. I just dug up pink mums... I don't need more! That isn't the color I want to see in the fall! Haha.

Ok, here are the pictures (If you click on them you can see them bigger. You can actually see the plants if you click on the one that is the after of the yard!):


This garden was already done a few weeks ago. It was also a lot of work. I had to dig up about 2 ft of ash dumped there by previous owners. Nice. But I did have to mulch it and connect it with the garden in the front. I think it looks great finished!
After: (The plants look so small! They look bigger in person and they will definitely get bigger. All of them are mounding perrenials and all of them flower).
I had planted perrenials in these pots and nothing grew so I decided to designate them to annuals, since I hate planting annuals in a garden. It is Celosia. I love this plant. So vibrant!


Roeshel said...

How pretty! It's amazing what a difference flowers and plants can make! BUT it's a ton of work, isn't it? I don't think my finger nails will ever come clean --- I can't wear those garden gloves. :(

You did a great job! I love it!

DianeTaylor said...

You busted your butt, Abby!!! Holy crap - it looks so nice :):):) Now - can you come do mine? GREAT JOB!!!!!

Katie J. said...

It looks great! You did a good job.

Kerry said...

Great job Abby, wish I had half the desire to do mine...but Chris loves getting his hands dirty so I let him do all of the nasty work.