Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doggie Pool!!!

We took the dogs to a doggie pool today!!! I have plenty of pictures and videos to show you (and plenty of time to post them since the dogs are SOUND asleep from their busy afternoon! Here are the pictures and videos!

These are my "brave" dogs when we first go there. They are the two clinging onto and clawing at the edge for dear life. This was after we had to throw them in because they wouldn't go in themselves. This was the 4ft pool. They could stand on their hind legs when in this pool (which is what they are doing in the picture). They eventually swam around a LITTLE bit, but it was definitely not their thing to yet. I think they would love it, but right now they weren't too thrilled. Some water dogs, huh?

Jeffery FINALLY got Maggie in the 2ft pool. He had to go in with her or else she wouldn't go in and he had to stay in to calm her down or else she would jump right back out. It was really funny. She wouldn't jump in either. He had to pull her in. But once she was in and calm she LOVED it!

This is a video of what Jeffery had to go through to get them in. And then once they did at first when they got in, haha. It is funny! The other dog in the video (the one in the pink collar) was a little lab who would run and jump into the water with no problems. Definitely showing our dogs up! And then once she was in she would look at our dogs and cry like she wanted our dogs in there, haha. (Oh and there is no sound, my digital camera doesn't record sound).

Oh my goodness! This is a dog int the pool by herself!!!

Two in the pool without daddy!
This is a video of Maggie playing by herself in the pool (see her pawing at the toy?? So cute!) and then Jeffery getting Kota to jump in. He had to put her paws over the water but she jumped in! I'm so proud of her!

This is a hilarious vido of Maggie bounding through the water to get the toy. It was so funny!

And this is both dogs in the water together!!! After they were in we had to pry them out. They LOVED being in the water! (Just not the actual getting in part, haha). It was so funny to see them try to stand ON the water and then get confused why they sink down. I don't know if this video shows that at all, but I wanted to mention it because it was hilarious.

Here they are playing again!

They had so much fun! We can't wait to take them again! They are SOUND asleep now (and I don't blame them! We even had to come home and take a nap!).

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Rachel said...

This is TOO cute!! :) Your dogs are adorable!