Monday, June 29, 2009

Headaches, hotflashes, and mood swings... oh my!

I am now in my 2nd round of Clomid. I finished taking the pills last week. I started getting crazy mood swings right away, which was fun given that I was in the middle of crowds in the heat of Disney. One minute I was ready to scream at half of the people there, and the next I was tearing up over the name of a restaurant. A half hour later I was bubbly and cheerful. I was so confused about how I felt and if I was confused, imagine how my husband felt!

The headache started the 4th day of the 5 day prescription and hasn't stopped yet. The day it started, we were on a bus on the way to another resort for dinner at a restaurant there. There was a boy, maybe 4 or 5 years old, sitting behind us with his grandmother (who was fairly young, 50's). The rest of their family was in the front of the bus. The ride started with the boy spraying me in the back with his fan spray (a spray bottle filled with water with a fan attached to it to blow the water). He then started to scream to his family in the front of the bus while leaning forward in his seat so that he was screaming in my ear. I was cringing every time he screamed. Meanwhile the grandmother was yelling up to the family as well. Hm. She must have seen me cringe because as they got off the bus she said to me "If you don't like kids you shouldn't have come to Disneyworld". UM HELLO? I am a teacher. I can control a classroom of 35 kids. I would like you to control ONE. I love kids... I am trying desperately to have my own. At that point a major mood swing hit. It was a good thing that lady got off the bus before I had a chance to blow my lid. Unfortunately, my husband took the brunt of it, but a half hour later I was bubbly and cheerful. Sheesh. But the headache hasn't stopped since. Today has actually been the worst of the headache days. I hope it subsides soon.

Last month on Clomid I didn't have hot flashes. This cycle is another story. Holy cow! (Speaking of, I can feel one coming on. Fantastic). It has been very nice here all day, with a nice breeze blowing in the windows and my fan running, but every few minutes I feel like I'm back in Orlando on the hottest day, dressed in a sweatsuit and winter coat. Yikes!

I really hope this month on Clomid works, for the obvious reason that I want to have a child, but also because these side effects are driving me batty!

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