Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am HOME from Disney! It was a great trip. It definitely had highs and lows but I was sad to leave when it was over. It was very hot and humid. The south just isn't for me. I like my cool air and almost no humidity for most of the year. It was so nice to come home and be able to have windows open because it wasn't too hot out. Oh yes... I am a northern girl. We are already thinking of a remote place we can go for vacation next year (right now we are talking Wyoming) to get away from all of the PEOPLE. Overall we had a great trip and I will post pictures soon! Right now I am enjoying being back in my house with my dogs. :)

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Rachael Black said...

Welcome home!! I owe you a reply email. I have been away at a kids camp for the last week and then Friday night started my on-call at work for this entire week. I'll type you an email tonight!