Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Remember the pillow I blogged about last time? If not here is a picture:
Well I won it!!!!!!! I am so excited! I never win! Well I guess I can stop saying never because I won! Lucky #7 too! It pays being a teacher and following the directions because apparently the numbers that were chosen before mine didn't follow all of the directions, which is how my number was chosen and I did. :) I am always getting on students for not following the directions. It pays to do so! I am super excited! Again, I encourage you to check out this website: It is awesome! Totally my decorating style! And thanks so much to Layla from the blog The Lettered Cottage for doing the giveaway! If any of my readers ever need decorating ideas go to her blog! It is very inspiring! She has such an keen eye for detail and style!

**edit** I changed some of my "awesomes". Sometimes when I am excited and write I get carried away. This is why we teach students to have other's edit their work in school. Thanks for pointing the many uses of "awesome" in this post Jeannette!


Jeannette said...

I am intrigued by the name of your blog so I will have to read more. What a fun example you will have to back up your teaching on following instructions for your students. You won the star. Given how many times you used the word "awesome" in this post I am wondering what age students you teach? : > )
A very fun lesson on synomyns could hatch from this blog.

Danielle said...

I overuse "awesome" when excited as well! Congrats on the win!

Kylene said...

Thats so cool Abbie!!!! I bet that pillow will look fantastic in your home!!

pretty amazing grace said...

I like the pillow...nice taste! I like your blog, too. In fact, I think it is absolutely "lovely"! You've been tagged...check out my blog to see what's up! :)