Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have a goal

I hate running. I always have. But I am starting to really like exercising. I have a goal. I would like to run a 5k. I don't think I will get to one this year so I am setting a goal that I run one by the end of next year. I've asked my dad to do one with me. He is thinking about it. But I would really love to run a 5k. I know... it isn't much, but it is something. I am already doing 3 miles at the gym, and a 5k is 3.1....... miles. Wish me luck!


Kittybits said...

good luck! you are braver than I!

Katie J. said...

Awesome goal! I was I was as inspired to run as you are. ;-)

Suzanne said...

I am doing the same thing...starting small 5k...check out the couch to 5K programs..friends of mine swear by it. My 5k is actually coming up soon...good luck to you! 5K now Marine Corps Marathon one day!!! :)