Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introducing... (and some other rambling thoughts)

The newest member of our household...our new DISHWASHER!!! :) After Jeff pulled the door off of our last dishwasher (Hercules! I know!), we had to get a new one. It was delivered yesterday and Jeff installed it! I am very happy to have it. I hate washing dishes. I love technology (most of the time).

We went out to eat the other night to Olive Garden. YUM! While we were waiting to be seated we sat on chairs near the host/ess station. The host that was there was talking about how bored he was so his solution was to talk in different voices every time a call came in. It was hilarious! First he did a Barry White voice, and then an English voice. I'm not sure how many others he did but it was just hilarious that he was doing them at all. He said the English one was hard to keep up with so he switched back to regular speech partway through and the woman on the other end of the line was so confused!

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Melissa said...

That's too funny! I actually do this at work all day :)