Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Dishwasher and other things

We bought a new dishwasher today! In case I haven't told you, my Hercules of a husband pulled the door off when he was trying to move the dishwasher to install the new countertop. So we bought a new dishwasher. I never knew dishwasher could evoke such feelings in me, but it was love, or as close to love as one could healthily have for a kitchen appliance, for a few dishwashers. We ended up getting a really nice Maytag for a decent price. It will come in a week. It is a sad day when the excitement of my blog is about a new dishwasher. Sigh... I must be married and settled, haha.

I took the PRAXIS 2 today. If you don't know what that is, it is the 2nd round of tests that people in the education field have to take in order to be certified. I'll find out my fall placement on Monday. I am hoping it is a placement close to home! It has been nice being placed closed to home for the placement I'm in now, which ends on Friday and has been going well.

And in other news... the dogs turned 1 this week!!! Happy birthday to my babies! I can't believe they are 1! But then you look at pictures of them as puppies and them now and they are massive. Here are a few. Enjoy!:
This picture was taken our first night home with them!

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