Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100th blog post! and some other stuff

Yay! 100 blog posts! :)

A lot has been going on for me and I am just so exhausted from it all. Last week and this week all I have done is eat, sleep, go to the gym, go to class, do homework... and the cycle goes on and on. I am exhausted. There hasn't been one night that I've gotten to bed before midnight. Some nights it is 2-3am that I finally crawl between the sheets. This past weekend I worked from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. Saturday I had enough and told Jeff that we were going out to dinner before we went to pick my car up (it was getting new tires). It was nice to get out and away from my computer. Tomorrow is the last day of classes for the semester for me! And then next week I have finals and then a 3 week field placement. I am so ready for May 1st to get here, but the 3 week field placement almost seems like a vacation! So that is why I've been MIA.

April Fools Day has been fun. I got two friends, my mom, and Jeff! It was so fun!

I promise more interesting posts are coming!

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