Monday, April 20, 2009

I so need this!

On Thursday I am getting a massage! I desperately need one! My mother-in-law's 50th birthday was a few weeks ago and we got her a gift certificate for her first massage! She definitely deserves a massage. She deserved one a LONG time ago! The same day we decided on that, Jeff told me that I should go with her and get one. I thought he was joking until he said "don't you feel you deserve a massage?". What a wonderful hubby! :) So Thursday I am going to go for an amazing, hour-long, therapeutic massage with hot stones. Ahhhhhhh..... I relax a little just thinking about it!

The kitchen is coming close to being finished. Jeff is almost done with the floors. Once the floors are done I have to do the backsplash and we have to touch up paint in a few areas and then it is ready to be decorated!!! :) I can not wait!

I am joining starting a book club! I have always wanted to join one and a wonderful person friend I met from the Nest has wanted to join one to meet new people (and because she loves to read of course!). We met for lunch and decided to try to start one and we found two other friends who want to join and so came the book club! I can't wait! Our first book is a Jodi Piccoult book called "Perfect Match". I hope it is good!

Ok well my guilty pleasure for the week is about to come on so I am going to go watch.

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