Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dancing With the Stars

Actually, this is on why I don't watch the show. I don't watch it because you have a mish mash of celebrities dancing to win something, which is more a publicity stunt for some of them, and then you have them competing against each other, but it is totally unfair. You have Shawn Johnson competing against the Microsoft guy... of COURSE he is going to lose against her and of COURSE she can dance! She is a gold medal gymnast!!! He sat in front of a computer most of his life. It is an unfair advantage. Even if she doesn't know all of the steps, etc, she knows how to be graceful, and she knows how to fit the steps in because she can follow choreography. That is why I don't watch Dancing With the Stars.

Now I DO watch So You Think You Can Dance and I *LOVE* that show! It is so fun to watch and these are all people who have never been heard of in real life who are extremely talented dancers from all backgrounds.

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Mrs.McJeep said...

haha I have to defend one of my favorite shows lol! Shawn has actually had a very hard time especially in the beginning because she was so used to being so rigid w/ gymnastics. And a better question would be how does the apple guy even qualify as a celebrity?