Saturday, November 22, 2008


I *should* be working on one of the two papers I have due on Tuesday, but I don't feel like it so I figured I would just update my blog. :)

I went to see Twilight yesterday!!!!!! It was pretty good. The book was WAYY better. The book was much more descriptive and really sucked you in. I was constantly comparing the movie to the book. There were some scenes or things I really wished they put in the movie, and they didn't, and then there were some things that I wished they would change about the movie. There was also a lot that I wished they developed more in the movie. It was still good and I still loved it because it was Twilight. Edward sure made the movie... and there was one particular scene that I really love din the movie, but I don't want to say because I don't want to give away the book or the movie for people who haven't read or seen it yet, but for those of you who have done both, I'll just say it was the sparkle scene. Enough said. :) Here is a picture of me with Kylene and Ashlee, who I went with:Kylene is wearing a shirt that says "Jacob Stinks! Team Edward"
I am wearing a shirt that says "Isle Esme is for Lovers" (Breaking Dawn readers would understand that)
And Ashlee is wearing a shirt that says "Culledn Baseball" and on the back it says "Cullen 17"
Ashlee and I made our shirts... Ky took the easy way out and bought hers. :)

Yesterday we had a surprise snow "storm". It did cause much of a headache around the area, shutting down highways and bridges, and ice was EVERYWHERE from it. Of course, I subbed for Kindergarten yesterday. they really weren't bad, but SNOOWWWW. Haha. Poor things were talking about making a snowman when they got home with the 1/4" of snow on the ground. Of course when they got home was when we got hit and got 1 1/2" in a half hour. It was crazy! The roads were TERRIBLE! Who would have thought that little bit of snow would do that much damage, but one of our major highways was shut down for 2 hours and left people abandoning their cars on the road, and then left the highway to a crawl for the rest of the night (of course I happened to be on it on my way home from the movie when that happened).

BUT it was the puppies first snow!! At first they were a little confused about it, not really sure, didn't really want to stay outside. THEN they went out and started to lick it and sniff it and eat it. They were so cute. I have a few pictures of them out in it:
This is Kota in the snow.This is Maggie in the snow with a pile of snow on her nose, haha. (Excuse the outdoor coffee table that is knocked over... they stand on it to knock it over ALL THE TIME and we are in the process of creating a "no puppy zone" in our backyard so they can't get on our furniture).

And this is both of them sniffing around and running around in the snow.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Jennifer said...

Your night at the movie looked like lots of fun!!

We had our 1st snowstorm today too and I hate Your puppies are so cute!!