Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

OK so TWO people tagged me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Jennifer over at This Girl Loves Pink and Danielle at Random Ramblings both tagged me as a Kreativ Blogger. I feel loved. :) Anyway, so this is how it goes... I'm supposed to list 6 things I'm thankful for and then tag 6 bloggers. I hope that I have six bloggers to tag!!! Sorry if I don't tag you! It isn't that I love you! It is probably because you've already been tagged, haha. But here it goes:

1. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband. He is everything to me and I love him!

2. I'm thankful for my family, because they are a wonderful support system!

3. I'm thankful for the Nest! Haha! It is my outlet and I get to meet some great girls!

4. I'm thankful for my dogs (who are joining me on my loveseat right now... it's a bit cramped as their 60 lb bodies sprawl out on the loveseat and I try to vy for my spot at the edge!), because they truly keep me laughing and entertained, even when they are driving me nuts!

5. I'm thankful that my husband has a wonderful job and we can afford for me to go to grad school right now.

6. I am thankful for my house and a roof over my head.

Ok... lets see how many bloggers I can tag (this is harder than I thought... most of the girls I read have already been tagged!):

1. Susie at Be Strong & Courageous... she is one of the strongest women after what she's been through and truly a role model.

2. Marialena at Just An Old Fasioned Girl... her blog is so fun to read!

3. My Two Red Shoes who made my WONDERFUL banner and is so creative!

Half there! Maybe I can do it!

4. Katie at The Poop Scoop... I love her house and she is a good friend. :)

5. Angelica at My Corner of the Universe... for loving Twilight just as much as me. :)

6. McMamma at My Charming Kids... who gave birth to a miracle a few weeks ago and who has incredibly creative blogging names for her family!

Good luck! You girls are great!

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Vintage Gal said...

Who me? I'm so honored! I don't know what to say!!!! Thank you so much! sniff...