Sunday, January 24, 2010

Before and After Paint Pictures!!!


When we first moved in we didn't mind the color, so we stuck with it for a little while. Unfortunately the old owners liked flat paint and so everything started to look pretty dingy and it couldn't be cleaned because the paint would come off.

We *HATED* this mirror, but were dreading taking it down, thinking it would be very difficult. It was actually very easy! It was held on by clips and a few adhesive strips! We put contact paper on top just in case it shattered so that it would stick to the contact paper and not go everywhere. In the end, one tiny little piece broke off, but we have a whole mirror sitting in the basement. It was one of the easiest demos we've done in this house! Behind the mirror were two holes where sconces had originally been. I bought a patch kit and patched them and you can't even tell!

*We love how it came out! What we are still planning on doing in this room: hanging a painting over the fireplace, buying a large area rug (the other one was too small so we moved it upstairs to another room), and replacing our couches with dark brown leather.

See how nice that wall looks without a mirror! It will look great with a painting (or set of 3 collage paintings).


We *HATED* the paint color. BUT It was so much better than the ugly blue that they had in the dining room so we were living with it because it did make the room a lot brighter. We just didn't like the green. We originally wanted tan, but the tan we chose didn't match the tan in the living room and we didn't plan on paining the living room after we moved in, so we went with the green we had chosen for the kitchen (it didn't look right in the kitchen so we just had it left over). We lived with it until we painted the living room and then realized how badly we wanted to change the dining room.

For some reason this picture showed up dark:

*What we still want to do in this room: get a clock for above the piano that is very large and has a golden yellow face to pull in the yellows from the living room, add more to the curtains (they look a little sparse right now), and change the chandelier (we hate the one that is up). And I'd like to add some more accents to this room. We are also going to hang something on the stair walls.

Again, this picture (as with the before) came out very dark. The paint is lighter than it looks. This picture does show how badly I need to finish the curtains though!

It was a lot of work! The trim took a long time (especially the spindles on the stairs!) but I'm happy with how everything turned out!

If you have any questions on how I did anything please feel free to ask!


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Dhenzkii said...

nice paint color huh? ill suggest that color to my mom if she decided to change the paint of our house.. :D loving it...