Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Decade in Review

I saw this done on another blog and thought it was really neat so I wanted to do it. This is my life, in a few pictures, from 2000-2010.

2000-2001 I was a junior in high school. This was our family picture that year. I was 16 and got my license! (Sorry, I don't have a picture online of my first car.)

I was also the Queen of Hearts in the play Alice in Wonderland and I was in the musical our school put on.


I met my husband in August of 2001! I was a senior in high school at the end of 2001 and I had just returned from studying abroad in Germany. I turned 17 this year.

2002:Jeff and I both graduated from high school this year! Before graduation I performed in my high school's dance/music show. We put on Carmina Burana and we also did a musical review. I also turned 18 and enrolled in the first college I attended... which I hated and transferred to a school near home at the end of the semester.


2003-2004 Sophomore in college, not the best year and I don't have many pictures. Here is one with me and my cousins outside of a teahouse. Jeff and I went to Kentucky the summer of 2003, but I don't have pictures online.

This was also the year that we had a hurricane in PA and I went outside to play in the mud during the hurricane with some friends.


2004-2005 I was a junior in college. Jeff transferred to campus and ended up living in the same dorm on the same floor as I did! We had a blast!

This was also the summer he and I traveled to Maine. One of our stops was to the Desert of Maine... it is a real desert! Check it out!

2005 I was a senior in college! We lived in an apartment with his roommate from college, who we are still good friends with today! We had frequent poker nights with his roommate and his roommate's then girlfriend.

We also went kayaking for the first time in the summer of 2005. Here is a picture of our first time out! We now have our own kayaks (which are currently collecting dust in the garage).

2006- I graduated college!!! (Although it ended being pretty much all for naught because there were no jobs in my degree). Jeff and I moved into our own place this year. We went on vacation to Virginia with his parents this year.

Oh and something else happened this year... WE GOT ENGAGED! After 5 years of dating he finally proposed!

I also had an impossible time trying to find a job and took a job with the college I had just graduated from as a secretary while I tried to find a job in my field... although later I changed my mind about the field I wanted to be in.

2007 rocked for the most part!

Jeff graduated from college after 6 years of being in school!

I unfortunately had my first kidney stone surgery to remove a stone that completely blocked my left kidney and even killed a part of it. It was very painful and I was very sick. :(

I also decided to back to school during this time for elementary education and applied to graduate school for both my post-bacc certification and Master's of Ed in Elementary ed. I was accepted for the Jan 2008 semester!

In September of 2007 we were married!!!!!!

We went on a cruise to Key West, Cozumel, and Belize for our honeymoon.

2008 was a year of illness and fun.

It started off with a bang... I had surgery in January to blast a kidney stone, surgery less than a month later to remove a piece of stone that had gotten stuck, and pneumonia in March!

In March of 2008 we signed to buy our first house (the day I was diagnosed with pneumonia!) and in June 2008 we settled and moved in!

In July we adopted these two rascals. They had some health issues the first few months we had them but after that they have really GROWN and are so precious!

In August I had a miscarriage.

In August we also traveled to Massachusetts to go to our first home game of the New England Patriots!!! It was a blast and now I would like to go to one during the regular season!

In October I became and aunt and welcomed my first niece into the world.

2009: It wasn't the greatest year either and I couldn't wait to say goodbye to it, although it did have some positive parts.

June- Jeff and I went to Disney! It was my 3rd time and Jeff's 1st!

We spent the summer doing a lot of golfing, which I am thrilled about. It is now an obsession!

July- We bought our first brand new car!

December- my brother got married.

December I finished my post-bacc certification and am officially a teacher! Now for the job hunt and to finish my Master's...

And this was how I rang in the New Year and new decade... bowling with my husband and his family and then going back to his uncle's house for a small party!

Somewhere in the last 10 years I also went to South Carolina and Ocean City MD with Jeff's family, but I can't remember what years!

I hope the next 10 years is even better! I can't wait to see what is in store!

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J said...

Hey Abbie,
Love, love, love your decade in review! Wish I'd thought of that. It's so fun to see the pics and how you guys have changed through the years. You and your dh seem to have the most fun, amazing relationship! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award. Follow the link to my blog to pass it on.