Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots and nothing

A lot has been happening, and at the same time nothing has been happening. We are just enjoying our house and our puppies and our few weeks with no major plans. It is nice.

I had an interview with the Spring Grove School District on Monday for substitute teaching, and they want me to sub! I have to do a few observations, and go through an orientation, and then they are ready to start calling me. I am so excited and so nervous!

Classes are getting busy now. They have a lot of reading and a lot of work in them, but I like my schedule. I have classes all day Tuesday and Thursday and that is it. Of course, I haven't started to sub yet, and I haven't started my field study yet so both of those will make my semester get very hectic, but that is ok. Busy means that the time will go fast, which means that this semester will end soon, haha. Although, looking ahead, I have a lot ahead of me for this semester.

Our first anniversary is on Monday! I am really looking forward to this weekend. We are just going to be spending the whole weekend together. Jeff finally has a weekend off, especially after working all weekend this past weekend. Saturday we are going out to dinner to the place we had our rehearsal dinner, and then going to the campground we got married in and had our reception at. My parents are going to be camping there, and they are going to dog sit for us while we go out to dinner, and then we are going to go back and sit around a campfire with them. I am looking forward to it. I was really hoping to stay in the cabin we stayed in on our wedding night, but it just isn't in the budget this year. :( Oh well. It will be such a blessing to spend the weekend with my husband.

Maggie and Kota are getting bigger by the minute. Kota really is in to digging right now, which is causing a headache for us. There was a few days where all we had was rain. We got so tired of the dogs being inside and underfoot that we let them outside for a little while. This is what Jeffery came carrying in:

(She had more on her face, but turned her head just as I took the picture, so I didn't get how much was covering her face.)

And this is what our bathtub looked like (Notice the mud on the wall!):Needless to say we couldn't wait until we had some dry weather for a while. We need to find a way to break her of her digging. Our yard has HORRIBLE holes in it. Any suggestions?

I went to visit my students from last year today. I miss them terribly, but it was almost a little closure. The teacher and paras that are with them definitely don't seem comfortable with the kids yet, or in the school even. I miss working with those guys every day. It was so nice to see some of the people I had gotten to know last year. I am hoping to go back again to visit once more, but that depends if the teacher is OK with it. She seemed a little intimidated that I was there, although I tried to be as nice and understanding as I possibly could. It was just interesting that they were trying to explain to ME about some of their behaviors. I dealt with those behaviors every day last year, so I know, haha. I know that one doesn't focus well, or that another gets overly excited. But they are learning that now, and I really really hope that in the process they learn the kids' personalities too, because they haven't learned them yet at all. Oh well. It's their class now. But I still think of them as my kids... :/

Oh well... I'm heading to bed now. I have a long day of classes tomorrow. But then it is the weekend for me... and probably the last 4 day weekend I'll have for a while. Oh well. That is ok! At least I'll get money!

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