Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's in my blood

I love buying new school supplies. I love the smell of the paper, and there is nothing like cracking open a new notebook and writing in it for the first time with a new pen or pencil.

I also love buying new books. I love to smell the pages, and touch them with my fingers. I love the feel of the glossy pages if they are children's books, or the smooth pages if they are novels. I love looking at the pictures and the covers and just reading the books.

My mom says it is in my blood. She is a teacher, and many of my other family member's are teachers. I am in grad school to teach. They all love the same things. There is nothing like it to me. It is better than buying new clothes or new sheets or anything. I just love books. Today I had to buy a lot of them for one of my classes. It was so fun being in the bookstore (although not fun when I found they didn't have many of the books I was looking for... but that means I get to buy more books when they are ordered in!).

I know, this was a boring post... but I just love books and new school supplies... it is in my blood.

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