Saturday, May 10, 2008

House Painting!

We went to do the house painting today for the mortgage. It went really well! We were really worried because it was supposed to rain all morning, and if we had to put it off until next weekend we wouldn't have had enough people. But we did everything we needed to do and we finished 2 hours earlier than we thought we had to finish. It was great! I was covered in paint. My hands were a MESS because I was working on the balcony (that and because Jeff decided to paint my hands after I bumped his hand with my paintbrush, haha). And at one point I didn't realize I had paint on my finger and went to tuck my hair behind my ear and ended up with paint in my hair. I spend A LONG time pulling it out when I got home. I think there is STILL some in there. Anyway... here are some pictures:

Karl on the ladder, Dwayne on the little ladder, Jeffery and Jeff's dad obvserving.

Karl (Jeff's brother) up on the ladder.

My dad and my dad's best friend, Howard, painting the garage door (although this is one of the things that we will be replacing... but we had to do this for the loan).

Jeff and I working on the balcony. The balcony railings are also going to be replaces once we move, but we had to paint them for now.

Howard through the garage windows.


Jeff's mom working on the kitchen door.

And of course a picture of Jeff and I next to the FINALLY posted SOLD sign!

Thank you to everyone who helped us paint and get this done! I can't wait to hear from our real estate agent about what the FHA inspector said. I really hope it ends up being ok!

The sellers were there and they were really nice! The were writing down a bunch of info we might need about utilities. They also asked us if we wanted to buy their dryer. It is only 3 years old, but their new house doesn't have the same hookup. We said yes! We are buying it for $75! It is great. It has a feature on it that turns off once it senses the clothes dry. That is one less thing we have to buy now. She was also telling me about these really neat prayer scrolls that are in each doorway. Apparently it is a Jewish tradition that has prayers written on tiny scrolls in Hebrew and it is supposed to bring happiness and good fortune to the people who walk through the doorways. There is one on just about every doorway in the house. They are really neat! They add to the uniqueness of the house. They are really old, although she did add two of them after they moved in that are really ornate and beautiful. I don't have pictures of them, but I will try to post pictures of them in the future.

On another note... 20 days until we OWN a house! We close in 20 days. :)

Well, enjoy the pictures!

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