Thursday, March 13, 2008

We bought a house!

We made the offer last night, and they countered this evening, and we countered back and they accepted it. We are paying above asking price, but they are paying all of the closing costs. Here are pictures (with seller's stuff):
This is looking into the living room (and gorgeous front door!):
This is the fireplace in the living room:
This is the dining room... you can't tell from this picture, but the stairs are on the left, and they have a beautiful railing. The corner cabinet is built in, and there is another in the other coner. They are really nice!
Here is half of the kitchen. There are cabinets on the opposite wall too, and built in cabinets with a built in nook ok the wall to the left. We will be repainting this room and laying down new floor, and we will hopefully do some remodelling in the future. There is a half bathroom through that door, which leads into a small foyer (in the back of the house though) with the half bathroom in there. It will be repainted, and eventually expanded into a laundry room/ bathroom and the eating nook will be taken out.
Here is part of the master bedroom. there aren't many pictures online. It will be repainted. It is a nice size room though, and those windows are beautiful! There are two other bedrooms in the house as well, and a finished attic, which we might make into a den or guest bedroom. And we want to finish the basement as well. One of the bedrooms also has a balcony off of them. This room will be our office.
Here is the yard and garage. It already has a fence so we can get dogs right away! I would like to put in a brick walkway eventually, and some landscaping, and we talked about a deck.


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