Thursday, March 6, 2008

Knock on Wood!

Well, I'm back to work! I had my stent taken out last Thursday, on Jeffery's birthday. It was not a fun experience. The stent was internal, so they had to go inside to get it, and I was awake for all of it. It only took about 2 minutes, but it was so uncomfortable. I did not enjoy it one bit! I was feeling better once it was out, and agreed to go out to eat with my parents for Jeff's birthday, but by the time we were done with dinner I was in pain, and from the restaurant to home I was in EXCRUCIATING pain. I took two percocet and passed out on the couch for a while and I was great. I still have some minor risidual pain, but I really am feeling a lot better, knock on wood! I am just very ready to be back to normal. The doctor said that he would like to put me on a medication to prevent future stones from forming.

On to good news... we start house hunting on Saturday!!! We are SO EXCITED! We found a great realtor who specializes in the area and we are excited to be working with her. She is a no bullshit kind of person, and we love that about her. So Sunday at 1:00pm, Jeff, me, and both of our mom's will be out looking at houses, (they are coming just to look at the houses, haha).

Jeff's computer bit the dust. He got a pretty expensive Dell a few years ago and it has been nothing but terrible pretty much from about a year after owning it on. The harddrive crashed the first time, and then it really hasn't been right every since, even after replacing the harddrive. So he's decided he wants a laptop, but since he really just wants it to play games and check his email and stuff, he is going to be taking my laptop, which is only a year old, and I ordered a new one. It should get here tomorrow! I can't wait! I need a reliable one for grad school, and I just don't feel this one is as reliable as it should be. I feel bad, because he deserves to get a new computer, but he assured me that it is ok that he gets mine and I get a new one. I love my husband. :)

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