Monday, March 10, 2008

House Hunting!

We started house hunting this past weekend! We saw a house we really like and are going to go back and see it tomorrow, along with another house. We really are considering putting in an offer. We will see! I am very excited!

It was an interesting day though. We went to the first house, which was the one we liked, and then went to another and it was "eh". We then went to another and we decided not to even see it. The area was just awful around it. It could have been a gold mine inside, but the outside left much to be desired. We went to another and the woman wouldn't even let us in!!! It was obvious she didn't want to sell her house. So then we went to another and we couldn't find parking and we said no way were we going to live like that. So we went to another which I was really looking forward to seeing. It had a beautiful bathroom, and a beautiful floor in one room, but the rest of the house was just not very good. The steps were terrible, which would be awful when we have kids. We went to a townhouse, and although it was ok, there was going to be pretty much no resale value in it, so we said no to it. I am really looking forward to visiting the one we liked again, and seeing the other one we decided to see. Here's to hoping!

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