Saturday, May 18, 2013

33 weeks and thankful!

I feel like my question every week is "how am I already X amount of weeks?", and the fact is that this pregnancy seems to be flying! And yet, I am starting to feel like I have been and will be pregnant forever!

My Mom threw her baby shower for me last weekend and it was beautiful! She did a book theme (if you recall, so did my inlaws... everyone knows me so well! This baby is BOUND to be a reader, especially being the child of a teacher!). Even though they did the same theme, everything about the showers were different and perfect in their own way! The only thing that was the same was the green dyed eggs for green eggs and ham, but I didn't care one bit! I loved deviled eggs! My mom did such a beautiful job! Some of her decorations we are going to use in the nursery. :) Her foods were all of my favorite foods, and instead of a cake she did cupcakes (yummy) and a big Edible Arrangements fruit arrangement because I crave fruit! Very thoughtful! I only knew the date and time, so everything else was a surprise, including most of the guest list. It was so fun to see who was walking through the door next to celebrate this little munchkin with me! We are so grateful and blessed to have this child loved even before it enters the world!

Jeff's work also did a surprise shower for him this week! They were very generous and thoughtful and it excites me that he got to have a surprise too! :)

We finished our Childbirth classes. We have one breastfeeding class and the tour left to do and then we are playing the waiting game for this baby too come! School is out June 6th, and I am hoping to schedule a prenatal massage (a wonderful Mother's Day gift from my wonderful Mother-in-Law!) for June 7th. I've asked the baby for a few days to sleep in and then he/she can decide to come soon after! In the meantime, it is end of school stuff and nursery stuff keeping me busy and exhausted!

OK--- enough blabbering and onto the questions!

How far along: 33 weeks (and then some)
Total weight gain: More than 17 lbs, but I don't know how much more. They didn't tell me at this week's appt.
Maternity clothes: Always... and the looser the better when I am at home. 
Sleep: Pretty good, but it is harder to get and stay comfortable... and oh the peeing! (still the same so I find no need to change this comment) :)
Best moment of this week: The beautiful shower my mom threw for me and Jeff surprising me by telling me about his shower!
Miss anything: A nice glass of wine and sleeping on my stomach! Not to mention a good run.
Movement: Oh yes, and starting to get painful... but it is a beautiful pain, not a complaining pain (except maybe when baby punches my bladder or a tendon)
Food cravings: Fruit, root beer 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still red meat
Gender: Didn't find out! It will be a surprise!
Labor signs: Too early, but having braxton hicks contractions here and there. Nothing major. 
Belly button in or out: In for not much longer, it is starting to pop out when I am laying down or when baby is positioned near it.
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy! 
Looking forward to: The hospital tour on Thursday... it will make it more real!

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