Saturday, February 16, 2013

20 weeks ALREADY?!

Wow! How am I 20 weeks already? This pregnancy is FLYING by! It is so exciting and terrifying all at once. Overall I still feel pretty good, minus back pain that started a few weeks ago and has picked up the more I grow. I was sick this week, which was tough because Tylenol doesn't do much! And sleeping while sick was difficult. I have been sleeping decently lately, so having a stuffy nose interrupts my precious sleep! But no matter how I feel at any moment, I just can't believe I am here... I am finally having a baby! I had a moment this week of "OMG!" because I can't believe that inside of me is a piece of my amazing husband and I just can't wait to see this baby and watch him or her grow and see who he/she is most like between myself and Jeff.

We have been making progress on the nursery too. When I say we, I mostly mean Jeff. The room is painted. I was mad one day and ripped up the carpeting (now, before you go "whoa! why would you do that when you shouldn't be doing stuff like that!"- realize that it was installed by the people who lived here before us and they did it themselves. They did a crappy job so the carpet wasn't connected to anything. The padding was stapled down, but that was easy to get up. I just pretty much rolled it up.). The hardwood underneath was in really good condition, so Jeff sanded it and cleaned it and will soon refinish it. We bought a beautiful area rug that will go on the floor as soon as he is done and the finish cures and then we are ready to DECORATE! That's where I come in (well, telling what and where things go... once again he will do most of the stuff).

OK- enough babbling... onto the questions:

How far along: 20 weeks! (well... 20 1/2 at this point. I am a few days late)
Total weight gain: Haven't weighed myself... avoiding the scale!
Maternity clothes: Yup! Going shopping in a few weeks with a friend who is also pregnant so that I can get a few more clothes for when it gets warm.
Sleep: Pretty good, aside from being sick all week
Best moment of this week: Buying the carpet for the nursery!
Miss anything: RUNNING and wine! And beer... Jeff has been brewing up a storm and some of his new beers sound amazing. I wish I could try them!
Movement: Still small movements here or there. I really want Jeff to feel the baby! And I really want the baby to kick a little harder!
Food cravings: Still fruit... I've been eating a lot of strawberries lately. This remains the same! I did have a big root beer craving this week too... weird because I don't drink a ton of soda, but I do love root beer. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Oh my goodness... I actually haven't been nauseous since the first trimester, but Jeff was making some sort of crab chowder and I walked into the kitchen and almost threw up. It was HORRIBLE!
Have you started to show yet: More and more!
Gender: Still not finding out! :) (BUT SO TEMPTED!) That appointment is March 4th. Can't wait to see the baby!
Labor signs: Too early! I better not feel them for a while!
Belly button in or out: Still in
Wedding rings on or off: On and very loose! Trying to enjoy that for now!
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy! I've noticed I haven't been as moody, although Jeff doesn't agree with that. Haha!
Looking forward to: My dr's appointment on Thursday! I really want to hear that heartbeat!

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