Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanks and more

Thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes! That was very sweet of you! We had a great evening, although we were both tired (me from a busy day, and him from getting up early).

After we were married, we didn't avoid getting pregnant, although I wasn't charting, using OPKs or anything. We thought it would eventually happy. I used to worry what people would think if we got pregnant right away and had a honeymoon baby. Now I laugh at that thought. I would give anything to have someone think that, than to go through the difficulties we are having now. We have one more month to try before we have to stop until the spring. I don't have my hopes up. This month was a big fail. No ovulation. I was back to the way I was before I went on Clomid. I can't wait until I can start working in January. We can start saving for our first fertility treatment beyond Clomid, which I am hoping will be IUI. We will meet with a RE in March to start more testing.

School is going. I am so so tired all of the time because of all of the work I have to do, but I just need to adjust to it. It is a lot of work all at once, and there is not really time to do it during the day other than my prep time when the kids are in special, which isn't a whole lot of time. I do a lot of work at home. I think when I am in my own classroom, I am going to try to keep most of it at work. I'll go in early or stay a little late so that I can get things done (more the early than the late, probably) so that I can enjoy being home. But right now with student teaching, it is more than just what I would be doing normally because I also have assignments that I have to do for the college in order for me to graduate. I am trying to bang those out so I can concentrate on teaching my kiddos, whom I adore! This is a great age (4th grade)! I really hope I will get the maternity leave position when I am done with the semester (my co-op is pregnant and will be going on maternity leave in January). And there is another 4th grade teacher retiring at the end of the year, so I hope they fill it and fill it with ME! I really love this age. I think I would love teaching between 2nd and 4th. And the school I am in is fantastic! There is a lot of support and a lot of resources. I really am enjoying it. It is a great learning process. I can't imagine how I would be if I had only had the field experience that my college provides us with during the program and I didn't have the year and a half working in a special education classroom, and the experience sub teaching. I think I would be even more overwhelmed right now!

I just have to say that I can not WAIT for Christmas! I will be certified (hopefully!) and it will be my favorite holiday! That is my push! I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm even seeing Christmas stuff in the stores now!

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Melissa said...

I missed that is was your anniversary! I hope it was a happy one!

Student teaching was stressful for me, but so far this first year is twice as stressful... I am glad I got a job in the same district, but it is still overwhelming. I have to do sooooo much stuff. I go in early, stay late (6 sometimes) and bring it home and I am still behind. I know another 2nd year teacher who stays until 9pm some nights. Not to scare you, though. I still love teaching and wouldn't give it up!

Good luck on TTC- I think I am having something of the same issue as you. We have been trying for 3 months (not long, I know) but I don't think I am ovulating either. Maybe I could email you sometime about it.