Friday, February 22, 2008

I had surgery

Here is an update on what happened yesterday. I've been dealing with a kidney stone that got stuck just before my bladder.

I woke up at 4AM yesterday in HORRIBLE pain! I took two heavy painkillers and they did absoultely nothing. I called the Dr and they had me come in immediately. They gave me a shot of a painkiller, which still did pretty much nothing. The stone was all but completely blocking my ureter. I could not urinate at all, and everything was backing up into my kidney and causing it to spasm and start to get infected. They sent me to be admitted into the hospital right away, and I was scheduled for surgery in the afternoon.

I had this same surgery last year and it was a very painful recovery and I was very afraid for the surgery, but very ready to have this stone out of me.

Even at the hospital, on morphine and another heavy painkiller, I was still in immense pain, but I was a little more relaxed. I went in for surgery at 5:00. I woke up feeling so much better, although sore from the surgery. Most of my pain is in my bladder. I have virtually no kidney pain (knock on wood!). I woke up having to pee SO BADLY and they said "oh no, its just from the surgery", but got the bed pain anyway. I overflowed it! (Sorry... TMI! but I hadn't peed in over 24 hours because I couldn't).

They let me decide if I wanted to go home or not. I really was feeling OK enough to handle my pain at home, so I was discharged late last night. My mom came home with me and spent the night. My husband had no choice but to work because they were shorthanded in the lab. He had to go in, so my mom stayed with me, and while my husband is sleeping during the day my mom is with me. My husband has to work tonight too (another coworker had surgery this month and is off recovering so he can't take off, even for me having surgery).

Please send me your thoughts and prayers for an easy and quick recovery! It will take me about a week to feel almost normal, but then I have to get the stent out and I will be in pain for a few days after that, and then I'll be ok. I am so glad the stone is out of me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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